trapped in a maze
tell me which way is safe
rose pedals on the floor
pain on my face
should I turn around
turn left
or go straight?
tears falling down
this can’t be my fate
I deserve better
I deserve more
I’m not a “bitch”
or a “slut”
or a “whore”
I’m a mother
I’m a wife
this can’t be my life
our past holds me back
escaping feels so right
who can I run to?
where can I go?
no matter how harmful
this love is all I know
I want it to work
it can’t be a waste
I gave all I have
but this is all I can take
my sparkle is gone
I’m losing my mind
slowly losing myself
it’s just a matter of time
I have to get away
I have to do it for her
this environment is bad
maybe she can be my cure
my heart is damaged
my soul is dying
still I feel sorry for YOU
as I’m lying here crying
I’m scared to let go
I’m hanging on by a thread
but I hate you so much
sometimes I wish you were dead