good woman gone bad

Good woman gone bad
…she was the sweetest girl you ever had
full of life and love and hope
and lost herself in a slippery slope
(m a r r i a g e)
She gave her all
You only took
You stole her spirit
like a crook
Kicked her down
and kept her there
a hostage, handcuffed by despair
as if she was your property
but you never loved her properly
Soon the floor became her home
and her thoughts were not her own
All alone
and she thought that was love…
(B r a i n w a s h e d)
thought that was all there was
thought you would change
if she stayed long enough
Clenched her grip so tight around your thorns
her fingers dripped with blood…

Good woman gone bad
…your personal punching bag
Blow for blow
She took those hits just like a pro
with blood and sweat and tears to show
You mentally abused her soul
As if her weakness gave you strength
you liked to watch her suffocate
Words so harsh and full of hate
You broke her down
Made her your fool
She used to believe in love
until it killed her
like a drug
Still felt guilt she had to leave
but all her heart could do was bleed
and that’s no way to live a life
The worst thing she ever did was be your wife
a good woman
(I’ll take some fault too)
The sweetest girl you ever knew
destroyed herself by loving you…


Author: iekika nikole

mother.writer.stenographer.and so much more.

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