twelve fourteen

4am starry morning
bottle of pink Moscato
between us both
intense conversation
I thought you had reservations
but without warning,
you pulled me in so close

damn you,
why’d you do it?
we’ve both been through it
so I thought you’d be different
than my past
but what the hell did I know?

said you always fall too fast
jumping in when you aren’t ready
you just want a love that lasts
let’s take it nice and steady,

you needed time to stabilize
I needed consistency
still I soaked in every syllable
lost in so-called honest eyes
your endless abyss of lies
so bright I couldn’t see

walking uphill in the dust
your arms around my waist
blindly stumbling on lust
my long-time crush
you were the sweetest taste
my heart knew it was just a waste

yet I fell steep
and deep
and reckless
between each neck kiss
and affectionate caress
wouldn’t be so tough
if our lips had just connected less

whispered white lies
and deceptions
thought we were headed
in identical directions
I hate silent rejection
so loud I can sense it
you regret it
but I can’t forget it

I clung to every word you said
believed you to no end
and now I’m just a part-time person
one of many
stuck in your tangled web…


Author: iekika nikole

mother.writer.stenographer.and so much more.

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