best friend

it’s Saturday
I’m cruising town
my window’s down
the midnight air’s
blowing my hair
the stars are out
I can almost hear you shout
“let’s get into something, something, something..…”
echoes full of doubt
I blink and then the moment’s gone
déjà vu, this is so wrong
this night
it could be perfect
but I got dressed for nothing
fuck it
this ain’t even worth it
something’s missing
I’m the only one that seems to notice
it’s like my life is out of focus
looking in the review mirror
you’re nowhere near
and ain’t no way to sugar coat this
you broke your promise
my accomplice
partner in crime
until the end of time
what a fuckin’ lie
the only one I told my secrets
who knew me the deepest
even at my weakest
always by my side
of every party
you were the life
my purpose
when he broke my heart
you mixed my drinks
and made me laugh until I cried —
until it hurt less
without you, life is boring
dull and dreary
think of you and I get teary
as if you died
I’m in mourning
you left without any warning
and your kids, they miss their mom
pack up your pride
put the drugs aside
and come back home…
when can I expect you?
it’s better late than never
I have everything I need, except you
no pressure
but I’m waiting
I’ve been patient
damn, I hate this hiatus
I’d do anything to change this
need my right-hand back
you have everything I lack
when you’re gone
a piece of me is lost
my soul tied in a million knots
roller coaster ride of thoughts
my happiness is dead
I’m starting to losing hope
I’ll take another shot
it’s my only way to cope
I’m drowning in loneliness
knowing you left me for some dope…


Author: iekika nikole

mother.writer.stenographer.and so much more.

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