so, thank you

Comfort Suites
Room 309
all the way to your toes
and down my spine
morning laughs
when we climax, high-fives
Jack in the Box, 4am
“Sorry, we’re closed”
so close back then —
so why aren’t you mine?…
April was so good to us
cocoa butter back rubs
leg bites
tangled tightly
every-night thing
birds chirping
sunrise brings goodbyes
long hugs
saw the way you looked at me
(but it was only once)
let’s do drugs
pop yellow pills
when you’re inside me
I just love the way it feels
long drives
I’ll hold you down
lay your head on me
so comfortable when you’re around
your confidence looks good on me
I can finally be myself
… so, thank you…
even though initial highs quickly faded
feelings weren’t reciprocated
and deep down I knew the lust just wouldn’t last
I still smile every time I think of the past
because I found a friend to call on in tough times
and that’s better and survives
longer than a love that blooms and dies…
… so, thank you…