without her

well, hello darkness
I knew you’d be back soon
like the day she went home; we lost her
the day she really left us alone with each other
— the 29th of June —
the sky, so beautiful; so blue
so confident, but long overdue
suddenly and slowly faded to gray
as if he already knew
and I saw her soul aimlessly drifting
as she floated right past the moon
inevitable as it was,
didn’t want to let her go
but what else was there to do?
overwhelming sadness and sorrow
ran out of time that was already borrowed
tear-stained and sobbing their last goodbyes
but nobody heard my silent cries
She’s gone…
She’s dead…
She died…
and I’m wandering so far ashore
helplessly stuck in the eye of the storm
without her
my anchor
fire-like lightning flashing inside me
it’s my growing anger
I miss her
left desolate and deprived
without her,
my whole world crumbled, then vanished
I’m barley alive…