morning thoughts

that one time I was happy


I wonder if this smile has a time limit
I haven’t slept in yesterday’s clothes in years
that shower was fire and ice
I would leave everything I own
and live there if I could
jump straight from this fishbowl to that hook
by the way, the curvature of your smile is the hook
it just like catches me
How long can I ride this wave
before I end up in a cemetery
full of feathers and freckles
and wounds we can still feel from four years ago?
these eyes that remind you of grandma
morph into butterflies when you look at me
I want to do cartwheels in your spotlight
I want you to like taste me
I’d be the crumbs between your teeth
just to be near you
Next time I lie in a tub and let the showerwater sharkattack me
I’ll only be thinking of you
these are the nicest kind of bruises
I wear them like armor, like proud
like I hope they never heal