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Thought I’d cleared these monsters from my counter space,
yet they sting my tongue like sour milk
gnawing at my crippled gums
curdled in crannies of my shameful mouth.

See, I gambled and I lost myself

Oh, what I’d give
to silence creaking steps
and paint the pillars white again.
Oh, what I’d give
to lay beneath the peeing tree
and run barefoot in the sand again;

But I let evil swallow me whole instead…

Now my caged and wasted happiness
is hurling blackened butterflies about,
like sandpaper scratching lacy drapes
drenched in my own tormented remains
and blindly clawing my way out;

fat, sweaty fingers clenched around my neck
I’m begging freedom from a sinful silhouette,
nothing more than a stranded lunatic
wondering if I’ll ever be that girl again,
the one who cackled freely while doing cartwheels on broomsticks.

I just really miss myself

-iekika nikole