By summer
He was a frantic fiddle
and her still shadow soared
She moaned milky midnight whispers
and he drank her whiskey words
Her blushing body tangoed to a tune
she’ll never care to know
while his fingers fumbled curvy flesh
but his body ached to grasp her soul
A beautiful windy storm arose
and it was out of their control


summer 33

summer of fiery freedom
flashing before me
like lightning in the storm of my life
bring me uncontrollable belly laughs
and bottles of peach whiskey
melting in my mouth
like clouds of cotton candy from the county fair
smoke-filled headbanger concerts
4 a.m. fast food runs
and sometimes friends
who lose loyalty quicker than they blink

give me dirty barefoot dancing
at disco-lit house parties
leaving holes in the walls of eviction
and Sunday river bbqs
the scorching sand between my toes
filling empty spaces
so minuscule
like the heated distance between our salty
sweat dripping bodies
and your head on my chest
listening to the drum of my existence
“ba-boom, ba-boom, ba-boom…”

break my calloused shell and unmask me
bring me insatiable confidence
forcing me to put shy in my back pocket
and freeing me to roam without barriers
like a traveler backpacking a foreign land

be my demise
like the end of a luminous era
and now time only exists in two deafening waves —
before you and after

sing to me
maybes and lullabies from plump lemonade lips
and as the morning sun religiously rises
tell me, fiery summer
why did you have to die?